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No better Do-It-Yourself Cabinet, Furniture and Accessory paint products on the market.  Say goodbye to priming, sanding and stripping - our paints will change your kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, any old treasures.  We stock a full line of Caromal Colours Paints (Textured and Reclaim), and American Paint Company paints -  all natural VOC FREE Chalk and Clay/Minerals in a range of colors that will surely satisfy your painting urge.

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Have you checked out our Youtube videos?  

Easy Painting and Crackling with Chalk Clay Mineral Paints 

How to Create a Textured Reptile Hide Finish

Caramel Colour Textured Basecoat Paints - Brushing A Smooth Finish 

American Paint Company Red Chair over Texture

If you have any questions, check out our online source of information offering informative posts - What If's,  How To's, and Makeovers   http://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com


 The Ellis Collection - American Paint's all natural clay chalk mineral paint

a lovely collection of 12 old-world colors, sold in pint size.

In keeping with the European look we love, the collection includes

3 Finish Glazes: clear, black and brown.  


Decorative Metallic Foils - 15 patterns- an affordable way to add unique interest to your painted wares...find then under our 'sizzlin hot' category, and order by the foot - I used Weathered Copper on this table top, and hardware (the base was American Paint Peacock, Surfboard and Vintage Dark Wax, over Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Pumpkin)

We know Caromal Colours RECLAIM paint ROCKS the ease category for no sanding, stripping, priming, roll on with built in sealer...

but have you used it artistically?

It can be brushed on, wiped on, wiped back, damp ragged off, sanded to make it look old - of course, you WONT end up with a clean and even paint finish, but I bet you'll end up with something pretty cool!  Check this post out, for the how to on this mirror

 We like how-tos, and include instruction sheets for our products with all our orders. 

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